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Transformations Studios and Dr. Heavenly presents Winter Beautyland

Recap of the Event and Exclusive interview with twin Beauty Moguls Errika and Derrika.

Toni Dominique Promises to keep you updated on the events that happen around the city and exclusive interviews on the movers and shakers that come through the ATL and thanks to and invite from Media Girls Network I got you one!

I was given the pleasure of an Invite to the Winter Beautyland event and they did not come to disappoint. As many know the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry so when you find your place in it you have to run with it, and these two beauties are doing just that!

Not only was this event shining light on their beauty business and brand but these ladies decided to make it bigger than themselves and also dub this as a charity event by asking people to bring in blankets and coats for the homeless.

They brought in black owned business vendors who had some great products to share! Dr. Heavenly was not able to attend the event as she was still filming but she sent world and didn't leave the public hanging which is always appreciated from this media Princess!!! All in all these ladies and their team put together a great event. ok BYEEEEEE! [watch video for recap and interview] luv-TD

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