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Born in SanDiego,  California and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Toni Dominique is  a STAR on the rise. She is a Radio Personality/Co-host for The LITT Netwrk on IBNXRadio.  The LITT Netwrk is bringing light to the unseen culture.  It is a platform where underground music artist can gain and grow a fan base without the competition of mainstream artist. The L.I.T.T stands for "Living in Today's Time". This is important to Toni because she believes you have live in the moment, develop who you are and take the shots as they become available.

  Toni Dominique is also and Event host , red carpet interviewer and actress. No matter the capacity you may find Toni  working in she is a ball of energy and her positive attitude, jokes and bubbly spirit are sure to leave you captivated. 

Toni has worked several major events and interviewed some of Atlanta's brightest stars. Most recently Toni Interviewed actor,  Michael Jai White in her Toni Talk  Segment. Toni also provided coverage for the WeTV's newest show beyond the pole  and the red carpet for Dear Frank  Movie premier.

Toni has a few movies and short films coming to a major streaming site near you to include Domestic Warfare, Aware, Snatched, Devil in the Midst, MOSHEA, Beyond the G and Forbidden Fruit.  

Film Projects

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